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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the decorative covers reusable? The decorative covers are completely reusable and are available in several fun colors making them a more cost effective choice over disposable decorative stickers.

What material are the covers made from?  The covers are made from Polypropylene plastic.  This plastic is flexible and will not break when snapping the cover on or off the pod.

Does the decorative pod cover add any weight to the pod?  The decorative pod cover weighs .02 oz making it unnoticeable when wearing it.

Can I wear the decorative cover while bathing or swimming?  Yes.  The covers are completely waterproof and will not come off during bathing, swimming or activity.

Will water stay trapped under the decorative cover?  Water does not collect under the cover.  

Will the decorative cover interfere with the function of the pod? No.  The decorative covers do not interfere with the function of the pod.

How do I attach the decorative cover to the POD?  Simply snap the decorative cover over the pod.  The tabs on the sides of the cover will secure it to the pod (see the demonstration video).  We recommend the decorative cover be attached to the pod once the pod is adhered to the skin, the set-up has been completed and the cannula has been inspected for proper insertion per OmniPod’s set-up instructions.

How do I remove the cover from the pod?  We recommend removing the decorative cover at the time of a pod change after removing the pod from the body.  Hold the pod with both hands.  Simply place your pointer fingers behind the two side tabs between the pod and the white adhesive backing.  Place thumbs on the top of the pod.  With your pointer fingers, pull the tabs away from the pod in an outward motion while applying pressure with your thumbs and pushing the cover off the pod (see demonstration video).

Is my credit card secure?  Absolutely!  So secure, that we do not see your credit card number or have it on record.  All of your information is protected via SLL (secure sockets layer) protocol, the industry standard for processing credit card information over the web.

What if I have additional questions?  You can e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.  A member of our staff will contact you.

Are you on Facebook?
  Yes.  Please join our facebook page at “Kedzcovers”.

Where can I learn about JDRF?
  Please visit our "About JDRF" page.


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